Hugglehounds Squooshie Moose Large


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Hugglehounds Squooshie Moose Large

Hugglehounds Squooshie Moose Large combines delicious ribbons of candy-coloured sweetness, and none sweeter than our Moose Squooshie.

He’s soft, he’s plush and he’s peppermint sassy with red and white body and peppermint-striped scarf. He screams snuggle, and every dog will have his and her day with this classic in the making.

HuggleHounds® Squooshies™ are so soft they literally “squoosh” up, making them extra portable and extra huggable. Crafted from both super-soft plush, Squooshies™️ are the perfect pal for every pup with a squeaker that will keep them entertained for hours.


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